Waterbox Carton with a Person Opening the Plant-Based Cap

Sugarcane? As a Carton Cap?

How Bonsucro are Paving the Way in Environmental Sugarcane Production.

Who are Bonsucro?

Bonsucro is a global sustainability platform dedicated to reducing the environmental and social impact of sugarcane production. Its mission revolves around promoting sustainable sugarcane production through a set of rigorous standards and a comprehensive certification process. This process encompasses environmental, social, and economic criteria, ensuring a holistic approach to sustainability. Bonsucro's certification is not merely a label; it's a testament to a producer's commitment to practices that are environmentally sound and socially equitable.
The importance of sustainable sugarcane production cannot be overstated, given its global demand and impact on diverse ecosystems. Bonsucro plays a pivotal role in transforming the sugarcane industry by setting standards that ensure the protection of vital resources, the well-being of communities involved, and the reduction of carbon emissions.

Bonsucro's Global Impact

Bonsucro's impact on the global stage is significant. Its standards have led to noteworthy improvements in sustainability practices within the sugarcane industry. By implementing Bonsucro's guidelines, producers have made strides in reducing water usage, minimising chemical inputs, and ensuring better soil health. This has not only led to enhanced environmental outcomes but also improved social conditions for workers in the sugarcane sector. The adoption of Bonsucro's standards has been linked to fair labor practices, improved living conditions, and economic benefits for local communities. Bonsucro's influence extends beyond individual farms to shape industry-wide practices, making sustainable sugarcane production a shared goal across nations.

What’s the Deal with the Label?

The Bonsucro Label on Waterbox

The Bonsucro label represents a commitment to sustainable sugarcane production, encapsulating a comprehensive approach to environmental, social, and economic sustainability. When a product bears the Bonsucro certification, it signifies that the sugarcane used in its production has met stringent standards that prioritise the protection of natural ecosystems, ensure fair labor practices, and promote efficient and responsible use of resources. This label is not just a mark of quality; it's a testament to the producer's dedication to reducing the environmental and social impacts of sugarcane cultivation. The presence of the Bonsucro label assures consumers and stakeholders that they are supporting practices that contribute to a more sustainable and equitable world, reflecting a conscious choice towards reducing the ecological footprint and enhancing the well-being of communities involved in sugarcane production.

Finally, Let's Talk About the Lid

At Waterbox, we are proud to be a member of Bonsucro. Our carton’s are plant-based, with the tops and caps being made from sugarcane. By choosing Bonsucro-certified sugarcane, we are able to support sustainable agriculture and contribute to the global effort to promote environmentally friendly practices. This collaboration illustrates how businesses can actively participate in sustainable supply chains, leading by example in the transition to a more sustainable economy.

What's Next?

Bonsucro are leading the way in promoting sustainability for one of the world’s most prominent crops. Their efforts demonstrate how organisations can work to create a positive environmental impact.

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